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Thermage® CPT, the latest revolutionary upgrade for the Thermage® skin firming system, is a powerful but non-invasive device for tightening, contouring and rejuvenating lax skin. Thermage® CPT treatment is commonly used to help tighten loose skin around the lower face and jawline but is also effective for the neck, eyes, arms, buttocks, thighs and tummy. It is a favourable recommendation for tightening of post-pregnancy tummies and to smooth cellulite for our patients.

Results of Thermage® CPT treatment are natural and long-lasting. Having been evaluated in a large number of peer-reviewed scientific studies, Thermage® CPT has a trusted record of delivering noticeable results to appropriate candidates. Thermage® CPT treatment is comfortable and effective for all skin types, requiring no analgesics or downtime.
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How it works:
Thermage® CPT works by using pulses of radiofrequency energy to penetrate into and beyond the dermis, deep into the fat layer to stimulate new collagen. Integrated vibration and cooling mechanisms keep patients comfortable and alleviate the need for topical and oral analgesics. With these latest advancements, preparation and treatment time is reduced and patients can return immediately to their daily routines.

A Thermage® CPT treatment results in renewed elasticity, tighter and smoother skin as well as improved contouring. Immediate, subtle tightening is followed by several months of more gradual, longer-lasting tightening as new collagen is formed. Patients looking for a non-surgical treatment to help lift and tighten skin around the body, neck, face and eyes or wanting to minimize the appearance of cellulite, should consider Thermage® CPT.

We offer Thermage® CPT to our patients who want a short, non-invasive procedure to help fight and erase the effects of aging. Thermage® CPT works to tighten collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, which makes this an effective non-surgical treatment which patients may consider annually to stave off natural skin aging. Patients may see results immediately and improvements that can last for years, depending on their skin condition and aging process.

The treatment results in improvement of tone & texture while giving a firmness & a glow to the skin. Most clients find the experience extremely relaxing & appreciate the absolutely zero downtime.

Ideal for:
Patients who want to improve lax skin such as jowls, heavy eyelids and loose skin on the tummy, buttocks, arms, knees or to smooth the appearance of cellulite.

How it feels:
Treatment is comfortable and requires no anesthesia. To offset the possible sensation of heat and to protect the outer layer of skin, the skin is cooled using the ThermaCool™ system both before and after each pulse and an integrated vibration mechanism cancels most discomfort. Certain areas may be more sensitive but the majority of patients feel very comfortable throughout the treatment.

Most patients return immediately to regular activites. Patients may experience mild swelling to the treated areas and some tenderness is expected.

Depending on the size of the area treated, Thermage® CPT may take from 30 minutes up to two hours.

While the aim is to get the most from one treatment, Thermage® CPT is safe enough to be repeated after several months.



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